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I'm not the collective farm chairman everyone is used to seeing
27 Nov 2020
Remember Sasha Potapova from the film "A Simple Story", played by Nonna Mordyukova? Her catch phrases: "You are a good man, but not an eagle!", Or: "Well now I won't...
In the "Plodopetomnik" they finish harvesting corn
31 Oct 2020
Even before the start of fodder procurement, the specialists of Plodopitomnik JSC calculated that in order to feed their herd of 1,000 heads (of which 500 are cows), 5,000 tons...
Eh, bull's-eye, where are you going?
17 Oct 2020
No matter where. To the apple processing shop of CJSC PO "Gummy". From whatever places these fruits are brought here now - from Ulyanovsk, Penza, Smolensk and other regions, where...
Pledge of big milk
5 Sep 2020
But in OJSC "Plodopitomnik" hay harvesting is on the agenda. This week, harvesting equipment plows the fields from early morning. Perennial grasses grow here. It is they who are the...
When the harvesters are brand new
8 Aug 2020
The new director of Plodopitomnik OJSC is Marina Zakrevskaya. Previously, through PA "Gummy", the owner of the farm, she was its curator, working as the Deputy General Director of PA...
I have not lost my Komsomol fuse
1 Aug 2020
We can say that there are many young bosses in our region. Fewer and fewer people make their way from the bottom up, delving into all the nuances of the...
One day feeds a whole year
18 Jul 2020
The weather has been hot for several days. Even those who miss the sun and summer vacations begin to grumble at the thermometers. What can we say about the poor...