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Часто задаваемые вопросы

How to purchase and find out the price of your products?
You can purchase our products by contacting the sales department of the Gummy company by phone 8 (831) 433-94-47 or find an official dealer of our products in your region on the «Partners» in the «Business» section of this site.
We would like to offer ingredients, equipment for your production. How to do it?

Our company is open to cooperation. If you have a really interesting offer, then send it to us by mail or through the feedback form, marked «for the supply department».

Tell us about the properties and possibilities of using your products in our production?

The main properties and scope of all manufactured products are described in the «Gummy» catalog or in the «Fillings» section of our website. If you have a highly specialized question, then you can send it to us through the feedback form. Our technologists will contact you and give you detailed information on the product of interest.

What requirements do your products meet?

All manufactured products have all the necessary certificates and meet all the requirements of domestic and international standards. You can also familiarize yourself with the "Quality Policy" of our company.

Is it possible to purchase your products at retail?

The agricultural direction of the company offers quality planting material. It can be purchased at seasonal trade fairs under the Plodopitomnik trademark.

Do you sell pectins, agars, dyes?

Our company is not engaged in the sale and production of pectins, agars and dyes. We are glad to offer you:

Tell us about the thermostable properties of your products?

Most of the manufactured products have thermostable properties. It should be borne in mind that each product behaves differently during heat treatment. For a more detailed consultation, we advise you to contact our technologists with your question through the feedback form.

How to find a job in your company?

All information for applicants is presented in the «Career» block of our website.

How to contact you regarding cooperation in the field of marketing, advertising and PR?

We are waiting for your commercial offers by e-mail