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Food Ingredients Factory

General information

The food ingredients plant (RFI, part of the Gummi holding) is located in the city of Lyskovo (Nizhny Novgorod region). The enterprise was commissioned in 2009 and is a modern closed-cycle plant, which uses the latest technologies for processing fresh plant materials. Production includes the entire processing chain - from the initial to the final product.


ZPI produces a wide range of natural food plant materials and food ingredients:

  • dried and crushed vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, mushrooms;
  • fine powders from plant raw materials for food and pharmaceutical industries.
The products manufactured at the Food Ingredients Plant do not contain dyes, flavors, stabilizers and other food additives; only 100% natural plant materials are used.

Technology and quality

The production processes are carried out using unique patented technologies that ensure the maximum safety of food and biologically active substances of the original plant raw materials, such as:

  • low-temperature and vacuum drying of fresh vegetables, berries, fruits, herbs;
  • production of supercritical CO 2 - extracts from plant crops.
  • conventional and cryogenic grinding of dried plant materials.

In order to constantly monitor and ensure the quality of products, the RFI has implemented a quality management system in accordance with international standards. The quality of products complies with the current regulatory and technical requirements and is confirmed by declarations and certificates of conformity.

Benefits of RFI products

  • Use of environmentally friendly plant materials grown on our own farmland
  • 100% natural products (no dyes, flavors, preservatives and other foreign substances; GMO raw materials are not used)
  • A wide range of products and the ability to work for a specific client
  • Consistent product quality. The product is controlled at all stages of the technological process, from the receipt of raw materials to the control of each batch of the finished product.
  • An individual approach to each client: development for a specific manufacturer and production (particle size, fraction, product moisture may vary).
  • Fast recoverability of dried products. After reconstitution, they have tastes as close as possible to fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • The ability to process sweet raw materials: dried apricots, prunes, raisins, etc.
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