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HR policy principles

HR policy principles

The main goal of the personnel policy of PA "Gummi" is to provide personnel, organize their effective use, professional and social development, as well as create a cohesive, responsible, highly developed and highly productive team.

The personnel policy of the company is based on the following principles:

  • Focus on solving the main strategic goals of the company;
  • Flexible response to changing external conditions;
  • Treating personnel as a long-term investment, the main corporate resource;
  • Creation of conditions for effective work of personnel, provision of decent conditions and remuneration, contributing to the stabilization of the team and the retention of personnel;
  • Direct participation of line managers in the implementation of the goals and objectives of personnel management;
  • Continuous development of professional skills, personal qualities and merits of each employee.

The motivation system developed in the company, which combines material and non-material incentives, is aimed at attracting and retaining qualified personnel, increasing the interest of employees in the results of work.

Gummi is a modern corporate structure in which personnel have become the main asset and key resource.