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In order to make our cooperation as comfortable as possible, Gummy offers its partners a number of additional services:

  • we are ready to help in their transportation and solving various logistic problems;
  • on the basis of the Food Ingredients Plant and subject to work on tolling raw materials, we offer: grinding products to any fraction, mixing and packing dry ingredients, production of superfoods and ready-made dry products under the customer's trade (mixtures for cereals, drinks, desserts, soups, sauces ), encapsulation of ready-made mixtures into a hard gelatin capsule;
  • on the basis of our own scientific laboratory, we are developing the breeding of seedlings according to the modern technology of meristem reproduction in vitro.

Separately, we would like to remind you that as part of the implementation of an individual approach to their customers, Gummy employees are ready for technological support and consultations, as well as for the development of new products or revision already according to the customer's parameters.

Our modern production scheme includes full processing cycle from fresh vegetable raw materials to the final dried product. CJSC «Gummi» is a manufacturer of high-quality dried ingredients for different spheres of food industry: bakery, meat, dairy, fat, etc.

«APEX Land» – innovative, actively developing company with extensive scientific base. The main goal of the company is the production and wholesale of high quality planting material according to in vitro technology (plants from test tube). Growing meristem plants we successfully apply modern scientific achievements as well as develop new methods and technologies.

The key to successful development is progressive movement forward, aimed, among other things, at expanding the geographical boundaries of its presence.

Due to the growing territorial coverage of supplies, Gummy has decided to renew and expand its vehicle fleet and offers the following transport and logistics services: