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CJSC Production Association "Gummy" is a vertically integrated agro-industrial holding. The main activity is the production of fruit, berry, cream, milk-containing fillings for confectionery, bakery, dairy industries and ice cream production. Also in the assortment portfolio of the company dried ingredients and various compositions from dry vegetable raw materials for food enterprises and production of functional nutrition.

The production base is being built on the basis of 3 processing plants and a diversified agricultural enterprise.

Bor Dairy Plant specializes in the production of fillings both on a milk basis and on the basis of fat and oil compositions with the addition of milk powder or without him. The main lines are Boiled condensed milk Gummi, Boiled condensed milk Borskaya, CreamMixes (including Filling Curd flavor and Poppy filling), Creams, Caramel, Creme brulee, Chocolate gel. In our production, the yoghurt production technology has been perfectly developed, and there is a possibility of its production.

Lyskovsky Cannery produces fillings on fruit, berry and vegetable bases. The main lines - Thermostable and Confectionery Jams (including the categories T and Premiere), Fruit and berry fillers (FYAN), Semi-finished Marmalade, Confectionery Gels.

Food Ingredients Plant performs work on:

  • drying a variety of plant materials - vegetables, fruits, berries, mushrooms, herbs;
  • grinding, including cryogenic, to obtain products of various fractions - from whole pieces of various shapes to fine cryopowders.

The plant also manufactures products under STM: herbal teas, instant jelly, cereals, seasonings, compositions for functional nutrition, both packaged and bulk. There is a production of extracts using CO 2 supercritical extraction.

Lyskovsky fruit nursery is a large diversified agricultural enterprise. The main specialization of the fruit nursery is fruit and berry and ornamental crops and cattle breeding. In recent years, we have been actively developing the direction meristem reproduction of plants and their growing within the framework of the fruit nursery. For the successful introduction of new technologies in the production of planting material, the laboratory "Apex Land" was organized, the specialists of which successfully cope with the increasing requirements for products. In 2019, on the basis of the Lyskovsky fruit nursery, marking a new stage in its development, Voskhod LLC was organized, combining the accumulated experience and the latest trends in the field of crop production.