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Pledge of big milk

5 Sep 2020
But in OJSC "Plodopitomnik" hay harvesting is on the agenda. This week, harvesting equipment plows the fields from early morning. Perennial grasses grow here. It is they who are the future feed for cows, which the horned ones will feed on all next y

The hay storage TECHNOLOGY in Plodopitomnik JSC is traditional. The grasses are mowed, dried, agitated and pressed into even bales. The Kverneland 6250 tractor attachment (baler) creates perfect bundles. The harvesting equipment drives about 150-200 meters, stops and, as if a hen is laying an egg, rolls out the finished bale. There are many of them all over the field, it looks very beautiful, like a beautiful green dress with polka dots. Cylindrical beauties will be stored under the roof so that moisture does not spoil the food.

Workers work with a smile, although it is not easy to spend in the field from dawn to dawn every day. A good mood gives strength, and the day goes by faster, as you know. So we can say with confidence that the mood of the farmers of "Fruit nursery" is fighting. The weather is good, now the hay harvesting is going like clockwork. If only the clear sky did not let down, did not change mercy for rain clouds.

At the moment, the JSC has completed the hay harvesting by 89 percent. This suggests that the farm is on schedule. The quality of feed this year is at the highest level, the analyzes have shown good results. And this is understandable: Summer 2020 turned out to be favorable for both grasses and grains. Not only in "Plodopitomnik", but also at enterprises throughout the region, one can judge the high quality of feed. According to the chief zootechnician of the Department of Agriculture Alexander Lazutkin, there were no problems with harvesting this season. One hundred percent supply of high-quality feed is a guarantee of great milk.

Photo by the author

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