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When the harvesters are brand new

8 Aug 2020
The new director of Plodopitomnik OJSC is Marina Zakrevskaya. Previously, through PA "Gummy", the owner of the farm, she was its curator, working as the Deputy General Director of PA for the agro-industrial complex. "Fruit nursery" has recently lost its former positions, and her Nizhny Novgorod bosses and ours, Lyskovskys, look at Marina Vladimirovna with hope: maybe she will return the former glory to the agricultural enterprise, and to its workers - faith in tomorrow.

YES, FARMING is not the best right now, but she decided to start harvesting the way the leaders of successful agricultural enterprises now practice. It was a strategic move! On the day of the start of the harvesting campaign, a festival of the first sheaf was organized on the field. For combine operators, drivers, machine operators, a table was set with barbecue, sweet drinks, fruits. The director said: "Don't let me down, my new colleagues, a lot depends on you now!" The men answered that only bad weather could interfere ... & nbsp;

Indeed, what else? The farm has recently purchased 3 new Akros-585 harvesters manufactured by Rostselmash. They were purchased with preferential investment loans for a period of 5 years, according to Zakrevskaya, very profitable. The technique is the most modern and highly efficient.

- The whole harvesting process is automated, the computer in the cab lets you know when the bunker is full, or some kind of breakdown occurs, - says the most experienced combine operator Sergey Kolobov. - There is an air conditioner in the cab, and you can even listen to music from a flash drive. We are very happy with this technique.

The second combine was assigned to another old resident of the fields, Evgeny Ivlev. He said that he had a significant break in work in the fields and now everything is like the first time. However, any harvest for combine operators is like the first, because it happens only once a year. But the third steppe ship was given to the younger Kolobov - the son of Sergei Alexander. From the age of 14, the guy worked as an assistant to his father (5 years old), and from this year he was offered to work independently. How was it to disagree. Besides the harvester with a needle.

At the beginning of the harvest, it was Alexander who was entrusted with making the zazin, the first circle in the winter wheat field beyond Plotinsky. It is symbolic. Let the youth be in the forefront! And then the harvesters of his father and Evgeny Ivlev rushed after him ...

The rains interrupted work. But on August 4, the field came to life again. By this time, all 60 hectares harvested before bad weather were already decorated with bales of straw, which were pressed into the baler by Sergei Oganin. It will press the straw throughout the harvest. The day was hot, across the field, bordered by flocks of birches and coniferous plantings, steppe ships sailed, glittering with brand new sides and glass in the sun, and one could imagine what mood those sitting in the cabins were in ...

The weather continued to be favorable. Therefore, the field near Plotinsky quickly became empty, the equipment was transferred to another. As of Friday, the farm harvested grain from an area of ​​136 hectares; 342 tons of them were harvested. Average yield - 25 centners per hectare. Lunches and dinners are brought to the participants of the harvest from the canteen. They are said to be very high in calories and delicious. They work from dawn to dusk with full enthusiasm. So if the heavenly office does not fail, there are all the conditions for harvesting the grown in the optimal time. True, we all know that in recent years this office has been behaving as soon as it pleases ...

By the way, there were problems with well-worn dryers. But recently the necessary parts were obtained. The weather will please - there will be less work for dryers, and the costs of the farm will also decrease.

It remains to add that not only combine harvesters were recently purchased from OJSC, but also a new seeding complex and a mixer for mixing and distributing feed to the farm - for the same preferential investment loans. Just 48 million rubles. Pretty impressive. I think this even shows that changes have begun in the Fruit Nursery.

Photo by the author

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