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Eh, bull's-eye, where are you going?

17 Oct 2020
No matter where. To the apple processing shop of CJSC PO "Gummy". From whatever places these fruits are brought here now - from Ulyanovsk, Penza, Smolensk and other regions, where a rich harvest has ripened. They are procured by local entrepreneurs and sent to Lyskovo in large consignments, often by bulky transport.

- APPLES are necessary for mashed potatoes, without which the production of FYANs (fruit and berry fillers) and some types of jams is impossible, - enlightens the head of production Alexander Volkov. - At the beginning of autumn there were problems with raw materials, but now everything is working out.

After unloading, the fruits are sorted, decayed, washed, rinsed. Then they are scalded with steam. Then the apples go to the initial rubbing, get rid of seeds, husks, cake. The pump is supplied to the second wiping, cooled. Then they are mixed with preservatives and distributed for storage in huge containers that are in storage facilities, there is no shortage of them in software.

- The work is carried out around the clock. We produce up to 70 tons of product every day, more than 900 tons have already been harvested. But the milestone is still far away: in order to ensure the planned production of FYANs, we need 2000 tons of puree per year. Each batch of the product undergoes laboratory control, - the production manager continued.

For the processing of raw materials, as in previous years, 40 seasonal workers from among the residents of Lyskovo were involved. Many of them come "to the apples" every year, they have already filled their hand, the bosses are satisfied with them. And they are happy that they have the opportunity to earn extra money in the fall.

Does the workshop accept apples from Lyskovites? Alas, no, although many would very much like this. But organizing acceptance, documenting all this is a big gimmick. Is there any reason? It will not be possible to procure large batches of raw materials, and processing small batches is unprofitable. However, I would like to hope that in the future the management, software specialists will come up with something so that the residents of Lyskovo could also donate the gifts of the gardens for processing. After all, they disappear in tons in apple years.

Photo by Alexander Volkov

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