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In the "Plodopetomnik" they finish harvesting corn

31 Oct 2020
Even before the start of fodder procurement, the specialists of Plodopitomnik JSC calculated that in order to feed their herd of 1,000 heads (of which 500 are cows), 5,000 tons of corn silage must be laid.

THEREFORE, corn fields on the farm have occupied more than 300 hectares this year. First, two fields were cleaned in the Trofimov area. And at the beginning of this week we started the last one: next to the princess's highway towards the village of Valava. On Tuesday, the results were as follows: 3000 tons of succulent feed were laid in the mounds and the trench.

Farmers in the corn fields are lucky this fall. We did not see either heavy rain or snow during the cleaning. Only a little frost in the morning. This week, too, the picture on the field was akin to that of September: the sun was shining, the tractors and cars, transporting the green mass to the trench, were not stuck in the ground.

“The weather favors the harvesting of the“ queen of the fields ”, so we meet the deadlines,” said Mikhail Markin, the chief “corn grower” of the farm, who mows and chops plants on the John Deere forage harvester. He's in the cornfield every fall. The harvester, as it turned out, did not let the owner down either on the Trofimov fields, or on the Walls. Why be surprised? The best combine operator of the farm knows the technique by heart, has long mastered the imported one, treats it carefully and accurately. At any job. And in the outgoing agricultural season, Mikhail both harrowed and cultivated the land, and in the summer he mowed the grass and even transported grain from the fields on a tractor.

… The cart of the next tractor is filled with the crushed mass "pouring" from the combine. He leaves to take its contents to the silo trench. "KamAZ" with the driver Mikhail Molkov comes to replace it. If Markin is an experienced combine operator, then his namesake is a seasoned driver. His technique is said to also listen well to the owner. It’s KamAZ!

Anything can happen with tractors. And that day too. One got up with a filled cart right on the road due to a breakdown. Fortunately, she was quickly eliminated. The tractor is far from young, is it worth taking offense at its "whims".

- Does something special happen in the corn fields? - I ask Mikhail.

They say that boars tortured! They enjoy the cobs and leaves, and do not want to go anywhere without fear of the noise of the motors. And you cannot injure, let alone destroy them. So you have to work with caution, with increased attention, sometimes waste time to drive away uninvited guests.

There are now more wild boars on the Valavian field than on the Trofimov field. This is probably because the corn cobs are larger (and therefore sweeter!).

“The land here is more suitable for growing corn, so the field gives a yield of up to 260 centners per hectare,” Viktor Nagornov, chief agronomist of Plodopitomnik JSC, informed later. - In Trofimov the soil was worse.

The John Deere forage harvester went through the next circle on the field, the crushed mass fell from the auger into KamAZ ...

Fewer and fewer hectares remained unharvested. And today, on Saturday, as Nagornov said, the last wedge should be squeezed.

And most other farms are putting an end to the corn harvest this weekend. She, as always, was not simple. But also especially heavy - too.

Photo by the author

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