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One day feeds a whole year

18 Jul 2020
The weather has been hot for several days. Even those who miss the sun and summer vacations begin to grumble at the thermometers. What can we say about the poor villagers - and in such a scorching heat you have to work hard so that they and the farm animals have something to eat next year.

- OF COURSE, many dream of at least one day off, - says the chief agronomist of Plodopitomnik JSC Viktor Nagornov. - I would like to go to the river for a swim, and relax with my family in nature, while the weather permits. But in this heat you have to work in the field - from 6 am to 8 pm. And then there is a shift tractor driver who rolls in a lot from 8 pm to 7 am. It would be hard for anyone. But such an industry is & nbsp; Agriculture.

"Plodopetomnik" takes care of its employees as best it can to brighten up difficult everyday life. The John Deere tractor and harvester, which are involved in hay harvesting, are equipped with air conditioners - without them, it would be completely unbearable for such a heat. They are installed in the T-150 tractor, which compresses the hay mass, and in KamAZ trucks, which transport it to the trench. However, the point is not only in technical innovations - according to the tradition, "Fruit nursery" delivers hot meals to employees. And, as far as I know from my sources, workers with wages on the farm do not offend - if only they work. And kennel workers respond with labor indicators.

According to the summary, the "Fruit Nursery" plans to mow 1,031 hectares of perennial grasses, of which 800 hectares have been mowed. 900 tons of hay should be harvested (350 stored), 4000 tons of haylage (3400 laid in trenches), 300 hectares of corn are planned to be sent to silage. She, however, causes concern for the economy, the views on her are not the best. The spring was too cold, the summer began dry. The grasses rose perfectly, including the weeds. So far, corn cannot catch up with them in growth ... However, the final result, of course, will be known only in autumn.

АWe saw with our own eyes that the perennial grasses in the "Fruit-nursery" this year really are a feast for the eyes - we arrived at the field near the Noskov grove, as the Trofimovites call it. (Once upon a time there was the chairman of the "Verny Put" collective farm, Noskov, who deserted the fields near the highway so that a forest grew there).

The harvester collects and crushes the grass cut for haylage on a 38 hectare field, a 54 hectare mower works across the forest belt. The fields had been sown for quite a long time with alfalfa and timothy, and the farm did not expect to get a good harvest from them. However, the weather is fine, "Fruit-nursery" fed the herbs with ammonium nitrate - and now it receives 90 centners of green mass per hectare. The grass is worthy there. And closer to autumn the field will be plowed up for winter crops.

This time the weather favors the peasants: every day the sun, without rains, perfectly dries the prepared feed. The main thing is to work without interruption. One missed day and the grass will dry up. Such is the industry - crop production. Here one day feeds the whole year. Therefore, you have to work without days off and holidays.

Photo by the author

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