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For glazed cheese cakes

Complement your products with fruit-berry or vanilla-cream flavors.
A filling that combines the excellent organoleptic properties of classic boiled condensed milk and has the property of plasticity. The perfect balance of price and quality.
Non-thermostable fillings with rich fruit and berry flavors for baked flour confectionery products. Confit can be used as a core in cottage cheese curds and marshmallows.
Cream fillings will complement the bright characteristic flavors of the products that have been heat-treated. They look great in dairy products, including ice cream. It is available in the assortment names "Vanilla", "Caramel", "Chocolate".
A milk-based filler that has a great taste of classic boiled condensed milk and a creamy structure.
The excellent taste of the filling will serve as an excellent addition to confectionery products that have undergone heat treatment.