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For dairy products

Fruit and berry fillers & # 40;FYAN & #41; for milk-based products(kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese products, desserts, puddings, etc. & #41; are designed to give products a natural fruit and berry taste, color and aroma. In the confectionery industry, it is used as a layer and(or & #41; additive to the cream. Differences in the manufacturing and storage technology, consistency, and properties of milk-based products cause the use of fruit and berry fillers with different characteristics and properties.
Fillers for dessert yoghurts and a variety of creamy milk desserts with large pieces of fruit and berries.
Homogeneous fillers for drinking yoghurts, fermented milk and cottage cheese products with the taste of fruits and berries.
Filler for classic and drinkable yoghurts, as well as other dairy products and desserts with pieces of fruit and berries.