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Taste of the season - mango

с 01.10.2020

It's no secret that summer is at the same time the most anticipated and fastest passing season. Anticipating the desire of our customers to extend the season of sun and warmth, Gummy invites them to escape from the autumn chill with the taste of tropical mango. Having absorbed the sweetness of peach and exoticism of pineapple, the fruit is becoming more and more popular and relevant.

Especially for those who are ready to follow the latest trends, we are expanding our assortment with mango-flavored fruit and berry fillings. Different fruit contents and a variety of other technological characteristics will allow you to choose the perfect product for any dairy or ice cream.

Fruit and berry fillers “Mango E, N”, “Mango-Passion fruit E, N”, “Mango FP, N”, “Mango MP, N”, “Mango- Passion fruit MT "are available for order.

Hurry up to please your clients first!

Terms of the promotion
Choose from a variety of fillings and fillings the most suitable for your product in terms of properties, taste and aroma.
Request a consultation from our managers and get answers to any questions you may have using the feedback form.
We will contact you to discuss the conditions, volumes, terms of production and delivery of products to your region.