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New fillings in the Gummy assortment

from 15.11.2020

In the near future CJSC PO "Gummi" will launch a new category of fillings, which our technologists and developers have been working on recently.

The filling "Creamy" produced by CJSC PO "Gummi" has a delicate balanced taste with milky notes, which makes it a pleasant addition to desserts. Due to its soft plastic consistency, it is convenient for use in production. Ideal for filling ready-made (baked) confectionery products such as eclairs, shu, profiteroles, donuts, croissants, as well as for interlayer and surface decoration of various confectionery products.

Assortment: at the moment, work is underway to expand the range of flavors.

Shelf life storage conditions: 6 months at temperatures from -40 ° C to + 10 ° C.

Be the first to hurry up to please your customers with a delicious novelty.

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