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“Gummy” is given a letter of gratitude by the Ministry of Internal, Regional and Municipal affairs of Nizhniy Novgorod area

The fifth celebration for the chevaliers of Saint Georgiy Order, dedicated to the Day of Motherland’s Heroes, was held in Rukavishnikov’s mansion on the 8th of December.

Among the guests there were Veterans of the Second World War, The Heroes of the Russian Federation, and the Heroes of the Soviet Union, the members of the parliament of Nizhniy Novgorod area, the pupils of cadet schools and colleges.

Within this celebration CJSC “Gummy” in the name of general director Alexander S Krasilschikov was awarded with the letter of gratitude of the Ministry of internal, Regional and Municipal Affairs of Nizhniy Novgorod area.

The memorable medals of Russian Emperor House were also presented during this celebration. The general director of “Gummy” Alexander S Krasilschikov was awarded with two medals: “In memory of 400th anniversary the house of the Romanovs” and “in memory of 400th anniversary of overcoming the Time of Troubles and the restoration of Russian statehood”. Also he received a commemorative token “In memory of the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the 1st  World War.

Patriotic education is one of the most important directions of our social responsibility. Under our supervision some important programs are realized. Those programs are aimed at the preservation of cultural an historical heritage, bringing up patriotic feelings among the youth, taking care of veterans of the 2nd World War. 

For Information:

The Day of Motherland’s Heroes is Russian State Holiday, which has been celebrated since 2009. During this holiday the chevaliers of Saint Georgiy Order, the Heroes of Russian Federation and the Heroes of the Soviet Union are praised. This day coincides with the day of Saint Georgiy, which had been celebrated before the revolution of 1917. The Order mentioned above became the highest Russian Military Award again in 2000. The celebration took place for the first time in 2010 with the help of Nizhniy Novgorod Parliament.

Emperor medal “In memory of 400th anniversary of the House of the Romanovs 1613-2013” was founed by the head of Russian Emperor House on the 21st of February in 2012. The award is presented to the people who have considerable merits in the sphere of culture and national traditions, education and sciences, economics and charity.
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