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A. S. Krasilschikov was awarded the title of "The honorable citizen of Lyskovo"

On 12.07.14 Lyskovo celebrated the 604-th anniversary since its foundation and 85-th anniversary of Lyskovsky district in Nizhniy Novgorod region. In a festive atmosphere the headmaster of CJSC Industrial Association “Gummy” Alexander S Krasilschikov was awarded the title of "the honorable citizen of Lyskovo".

This title may be given only to those citizens whose contribution into social and economic development of the district, high achievements in scientific and educational activities on the territory of district, for preserving its cultural heritage.

Церемония награждения (Awarding ceremony)
Церемония награждения (Awarding ceremony)
Решение городской думы МО г. Лысково (Certificate)


CJSC Industrial Association «Gummy» is the largest city-forming enterprise in Lyskovsky district, where thermostable confitures, fruit and berry fillings a decor gels for confectionery, bakery and dairy industries are produced. The company follows an active social policy aiming at the restoration of local historical heritage, the support of children’s sport, helping veterans.

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