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Production Association «Gummi» successfully realizes the strategy of getting into the Asian markets

Company “Gummi” took part in international food exhibition SIAL China 2018. More than 100 producers from 30 Russian regions represented our country in “Made in Russia” pavilion. Russian delegation consisted of the leading producers, which serve both the mass market and companies specializing in the production of ingredients for food industry.
Production Association “Gummi” demonstrated various types of fillings for confectionery, bakery, dairy products and ice-cream. Among them: confitures/jams, fruit and berry fillings, thermostable creams, décor gels, caramelized milk. “Gummi” fillings proved their quality on the domestic market and now have the best perspectives concerning Asian region.
Tasting competition “For the production of high quality biologically safe food products” was organized during the nineteenth annual international professional exhibition in the sphere of food and beverages “Sial China 2018”. This contest was aimed at proving and promoting the achievements of Russian enterprises in terms of quality abroad. “Caramelized milk, 11% fat” was declared the winner among “Confectionery products” by the experts. Our company got the golden medal.
“Our products have been in constantly growing demand for more than 20 years. “Gummi” was one of the first in Russia to start producing fillings for confectioners, bakers, dairy products and ice-cream producers. We focus on advanced technologies of food ingredients production, track modern market trends and stay acute for our customers. In 2018 we celebrate our 25th anniversary. Throughout these years we worked on the building of stable supply chain, production efficiency and sales net. According to the latest data our market share (fillings and toppings) is 20%. We do not stop developing, searching for new perspectives for growth, new markets to occupy a prominent share.” Alexander Krasilschikov, C.E.O. of Production Association “Gummi”.
Working on international markets demands a great deal of responsibility on each stage of production. Our specialists keep in touch with the leading companies, acknowledged world leaders in production and delivery of ingredients. As a result of collaboration we exchange experience and technologies, get high quality raw materials for own processing, renew recipes and develop new products. Staying in contact with foreign markets we can retranslate all the changes and preferences to the domestic market.

To develop our export sales “Gummi” signed the contract with China Quality Certification Centre (CQC). This is an organization authorized by the Government of the People's Republic of China to carry out an examination of enterprises that import goods to the People's Republic of China.
The CQC experts visited the production sites of the Production Association Gummi and passed a positive conclusion about the compliance of the quality control system with the world's leading standards.
This decision makes interaction with Chinese partners easier, guarantees the safety of products and opens up new market opportunities for our company.

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