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«Gummy» organized a seminar on the usage of dairy and fruit and berry fillings

On he 12th – 14th of April, 2016 our specialists visited Kazakhstan, where with the help of our partner «SHAH-IMPORT» held a presentation of décor gels, fruit and berry and dairy fillings.

More than 80 representatives of the most prominent enterprises of South Kazakhstan region visited the event. They got acquainted with the range of products we can offer, learnt the advantages of our products and had a chance to see examples of the usage of the ingredients on the enterprise.


«For our partners we offer a wide range of boiled condensed milk, thermostable creams CreamMixes, décor gels, fruit and berry fillings. Taking into account the specific eastern culture we develop and implement new recopies of bakery and confectionery products, which can satisfy even he most demanding customers. » - Kanahin Alexander, the leading technologist of «Gummy»

One of the aims that «Gummy» wants to reach in 2016 is to strengthen its presence in Middle Asian  region. We plan to increase the sales, to develop sales channels, new special events to promote our products in the region.


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