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JSC "Plodopitomnik" is 80!

On the16th of July, 2015 JSC «Plodopitomnik» celebrated its jubilee!
The celebration was organized in Liskovo, Nizhniy Novgorod area. The members of different local authorities, the administration of «Gummy» and the main partners came to congratulate the workers on that meaningful day.
The best workers of the enterprise received letters of gratitude, diplomas, certificates of merit given by the local authorities, CJSC PA «Gummy» and JSC «Plodopitomnik». Also the workers received a lot of presents.

A wide entertaining program was organized for the guests. It included choreographic performances, music numbers, sand show, etc. At the end of the evening one more surprise waited for the participants – a lottery with a lot of prizes.

FOR INFORMATION: Liskovskiy Plodopitomnik was founded in 1935. Since 2001 it belongs to «Gummy» and acts as its main raw material base. From the very beginning it is the largest diversified agricultural enterprise in Nizhniy Novgorod area. The number of staff is 350 people.
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