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A new seminar for confectioners and bakers was held in Krasnoyarsk

Our specialists together with the holding company “The sun products” and with the assistance of “Companion-Krasnoyarsk LTD” organized a practical seminar-presentation on the 25th of June. More than 30 technologists of confectionery and bakery enterprises of Krasnoyarsk area took part in this event.

During the practical part of the seminar our specialists showed the peculiarities of the usage of “Gummi” products and introduced some new items. New thermostable fillings “Termogels” drew the utmost attention of the participants. All the quests appreciated the advantages of the presented products and the possibilities of their wide usage.


During the discussion the acute themes of import substitution and new product development were touched upon.

During the presentation the facts that all the participants are interested in our fillings, our company and the presented new products.

CJSC PA “Gummi” thanks all the participants for their attention to our company and products.

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