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Plant breeding

Basic information

The Breeding Farm is the segregated structure of JSC Plodopitomnik. It specializes in growing brown cows Schwyz breed, which is peculiar because of their dairy and meat characteristics. Commission on the state certification of breeding farms under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation gave the status of the breeding farm to the enterprise on March 25, 2008.

Equipment and infrastructure

In 2013, at the equipment was restored, a new livestock complex, which allowed to increase by a third the number of the herd, was built. This new complex is a modern livestock facility, built according to all up-to-date technologies.
Infrastructure includes:
• 6 cattle farms
• Breeding complex for rearing young cows to replace the old ones in the main herd
• Dispensary for calves
• Dairy Laboratory


All milk yields are sold in Nizhny Novgorod region. Some of them go to "Borskiy Dairy Farm" where it is used for the production of yoghurts.


Today the total number of cattle is more than 1,300 animals, including 400 cows belonging to "elite" and "elite-record" class. Ou specialists maintain constant control over the conditions of livestock, veterinary checks are carried out, best diets are picked.
The Breeding Farm annually takes part in trade shows. Farm cows repeatedly receive the Grand Prix of professional competitions and shows.

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