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Lyskovsky cannery

лого лкз утвержден1History

The enterprise was founded in 1964. At first the plant specialized in the production of jams, tomato sauce, canned vegetables. In early 90s production levels began to decline because of rupture of economic ties and the general decline in production, typical of the whole Russian industry then.
The turning point was the joining of the Cannery to the Production Association "Gummy". A new product, which marked the beginning of the innovative nature of the development of the plant, was the first domestic ketchup, manufactured by the brand name "Signor Tomato." Pre-production took only six months, and at the end of 1994 the first domestic ketchup was on sale. At the same time canning factory started to produce the first berry fillings for domestic yogurt "Skazka" and "Smak", produced by Bor dairy plant.
Today Lyskovsky cannery is one of Russia's leading producers of fruit fillings and toppings, jams for confectionery, bakery, dairy and ice cream industries. Our products have the leading position on the market and the product range includes more than 300 items.


Production and sale

Particular attention is paid to the quality of our products. Internal control is regular and strict. According to the Center for Standardization and Metrology, product analysis confirm its compliance with all regulatory requirements.
The main raw material base of CJSC "Lyskovsky Cannery" is JSC "Plodopitomnik" (included into the Production Association "Gummy"). "Plodopitomnik" collectible gardens provide the enterprise with ideal starting materials, which would later become environmentally friendly confitures and fruit and berry fillings.
Geography of deliveries of produced thermostable fillings and toppings include more than 70 regions of Russia, some foreign countries. The highest quality of our products is confirmed by numerous medals and diplomas, which our company receives on various sectoral and intersectoral Russian and international exhibitions and fairs.



After 50 years CJSC "Cannery "Lyskovsky" managed to get a long industrial experience: an effective research and production base, providing a high level of quality of new developments, is made, the problems of staff training and development, social support are successfully solved.
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