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Frequently asked questions

Tell us about basic qualities of your products and their sphere of use: will they be useful for us?

The information about basic of all products we produce and their main spheres of use is given in «Fillings» on our web site. If you have a question about some details, you may send it via feedback form. Our specialists will contact you to give all necessary information.

What are the requirements your products comply with?

All products have all the necessary certificates and complies with international standards. Also you may get acquainted with our "Quality Policy".

Can we buy your products at retail?

As for fillings, we work only with wholesale clients. As for retail sales, they are possible in case of yogurts “Skazka” and “Smak”. Moreover, our agricultural direction offers quality planting material. It may be bought on season exhibitions and fairs under the brand “Plodopitomnik”.

Do you sell pectin, agars, dies?

Our company is not engaged in the production of pectin, agars and colours. We can offer:

Tell us about the thermostable qualities of your products?

The majority o our products have thermostable qualities. You should remember that each product act differently under thermal treatment. For more details you should contact us via feedback form.

How can I find a job in your company ?

All information for applicants may be found in «Career» block of our web site.

How can I contact you to speak about collaboration in the sphere of marketing, advertising, PR?

We are waiting for your commercial offers via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via telephone 8 (831) 439-72-40

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