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Personnel policy

The main aim of our personnel policy is staffing and arranging their work in the most effective way, their professional and social development, the building of solid, responsible, highly organized and productive team.

The basic principles of our personnel policy:

Personnel Polycy

The company guarantees its employees all social benefits. Despite its policy aimed at cutting expenses, “Gummy” preserves the level of benefits and guarantees. Social benefits and guaranties are treated as a part of the system of stimulation of productive labor and building an attractive image among applicants.

The developed system of motivation (including both material and non-material stimulation) is aimed at  qualified personnel involvement, making them interested in the final results.

Our company constantly monitors the changes in socio-economic conditions, inflation and the situation on the labor market in particular. After this monitoring the decisions concerning the indexation of salaries according to financial capacities are made.

“Gummy” is a modern corporate structure and our personnel is our main domain and key resource.

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