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Konfitur obshaya

Confiture (French. confiture, confire – to boil in sugar), a variety of gem, jelly with pieces of fruits and berries on it, those fruits and berries are boiled with sugar, such jelling substances as pectin are usually added.
The use of confitures as a topping or as a layer helps to widen and vary the assortment of confectionery and bakery products.
The technology on which the production of bakery and confectionery products with toppings presupposes the use of confitures of different characteristics and qualities.
One of the basic characteristics is the level of thermostability of toppings, her ability to preserve her iniial form, colour, smell, not to spread during thermal treatment (baking), that allows to add the topping before baking as well as after it. All thermostable qualities are achieved by the use of different pectins.
Two main groups of confitures are distinguished:
Thermostable confitures (Thermostable topping)
The are recommended for use as a ready-made toppings in bakery and confectionery products such as: frozen semi finished products, biscuits and gingerbread with toppings, butter and puff bakery products, pies.
It is recommended for use in ready-made confectionery products: as layers in cakes, rolls, biscuits, addings, etc.
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Types of products

Thermostable Confitures

Thermostable confitures are recommended for use as a topping in bakery and confectionery products and may either be baked with or used as a topping for ready-made products.



It is recommended for use: in ready-made confectionery products: as layers in cakes, rolls, biscuits, etc.; as a filling in milk products; as a topping for glazed curds.

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