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New product from “Gummy”! thermostable confiture "Bird Cherry and apple"

New product from “Gummy”! thermostable confiture

Thermostable confiture "Bird cherry and apple TN" is produced on the basis of ground bird cherry and apple puree. The product is thermostable, fine for baking and freezing.

Appearance and consistence – jellied mass without any inclusions, not spreading or slowly spreading on horizontal surface. Easy to batch.


Taste - sweet, characteristic of bird cherry

Colour – characteristic of bird cherry

Dry solid weigh ratio – not less than 69 %

Package – buckets of polymer materials. NET weight - 13 kg.

Recommendations on storage - 9 months at temperature from 0 to 25°С


Produced in accordance with ТУ 9163-006-51764615-02 "Fruit and berry canned goods" requirements. 

Complies with ТРТС 021/2011 "About food production safety".


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