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New product from "Gummy"! Confectionery thermostable gels!

New product from

Recommended for industrial use on the bakery and confectionery enterprises, the filling is fully ready-to-use, may be used before or after baking both as stuffing and decoration for all types of bakery.






  • Functional fillings, do not melt when heat treated, do not boil, do not get dry, preserving their initial form, volume, colour, aroma despite hot temperature
  • Do not change heir qualities after freezing/defrosting
  • Easily spread and jigged both mechanically and manually

The sphere of usage:

  • Gels are recommended for using on bakery and confectionery enterprises, before or after baking
  • All sorts of bakery
  • Sweets (for example, as the decoration or stuffing of cakes)
  • All sorts of thermostable gels may be used on mechanized lines.

Appearense and consistence: soft, light, tender homogeneous mass.

Taste: has colour, taste and aroma according to the product name.

Range: шоколад; chocolate: vanilla; vanilla-creamy; «custard»; creamy aroma; caramel; coconut aroma; strawberry-creamy taste; banana aroma, kiwi taste; pineapple aroma; citron; rum aroma; pistachio aroma; almond taste; mint taste.

Package: airproof polymer packing (NET weight – 13kg)

Storage terms: 6 months at the temperature up to +10оС


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