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"Gummy" introduces a new product for ice-cream syrup-filling "Cream-Brule"

Dairy product on the basis of dried milk, boiled with sugar. It is recommended for industrial use as a filling syrup “Cream-Brule” in the production of ice-cream.

Description: The product of long thermal treatment of recovered dried milk with sugar. ClassicalCream-Brulefilling. Easily sinks into the ready-made mass for ice-cream, does not need additional pasteurization. Produced in accordance with СТО 51764615-006-2013 on technologicalregulation № 88-ФЗ (came to effect on 12.06.08) requirements.

Appearance: homogeneous brown mass, spreading on horizontal surface.

Taste: characteristic caramel taste and smell with no flavors.

Colour: dark brown, with no colours

Moisture – not more than   30 %

Sugar – not less than 50%

Milk protein – not less than  4,5 %



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