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For ice cream

 For ice-creamFillings for ice-cream are ready-to-use fillings, meant for adding to mass, using as layers in cakes, rolls and decoration.

Their basic function is getting new, richer taste for products made of ice-cream. The use of fillings  helps to widen the range of produced ice-cream, that will surely make your products more attractive for customers. Both fruit and berry fillings and milk-based fillings (soft caramel, condensed milk) are widely used in the production of ice-cream. Appearance: this is condensed, jellied mass of fruits, berries (both with pieces and homogenized) or homogeneous mass with glossy sheen in case of milk-based fillings. Fillings are easy to use: they spread in the mass or applied to the surface easily. We use specialized pectin or a complicated mix of stabilizers in the fillings for ice-cream. They help to prevent the crystallization of product at temperatures up to -30°С, making it freeze resistant. Fillings for ice-cream have a lower рН level (2,9-3,3), that helps to achieve more harmonious taste. Fruit and berry fillings are made of fresh or frozen berries. On average, fruit mass content varies from 10 to 40%. Sugar– not less than 54%. Dried soluble substances – not less than 63%. Storage term: 4 months at temperature from 0° to +10° С.

Types of products

It is recommended for industrial usage in the production of confectionery products (rolls, gingerbread, biscuits, croissants, etc.), ice-cream and curd cheese.
Homogeneous mass which does not spread or spreads slowly on horizontal surface. Ita colour is brown with glossy sheen. No crystallization of lactose after storage.
Fruit and berry fillings

Homogenized fruit and berry fillings. We recommend adding them as layers or solid stocks, surface application (for ice-cream or cakes), for the production of "marble" ice-cream.

Fruit and berry fillings

Fruit and berry filling with pieces of fruits and berries.

We recommend using it for the production of ice-cream and other products based on it. It may be added to mass or to serve as surface decoration. It is stable at temperatures up to -30 and does not crystallize. Easily sinks into the mass of ice-cream. Mass gets fruit or berry taste and smell, consistence and decorativeness.

Soft Caramel

Soft caramel is milk-based filling with typical creamy caramel taste and smell. We recommend to use it as rots, layers or surface decoration. There are three types of soft caramel, different in its ingredients: Soft Caramel “M”, Soft Caramel “K”, Soft caramel “Shokoladnaya”.

Creams - milk-based filligs

Creams are recommended for industrial usage in bakery and confectionery products, whish have undergone thermal treatment: as a filling for rolls, biscuits, croissants, donuts and muffins; as a layer or rots for ice cream, milk desserts. There are following types of creams: “Creams without index”, “Creams with index K”, “Crem brulee”.

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