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For dairy produce

For dairy products

The use of different fillings in the production of kefir, yogurt, desserts, creams, puddigs,souffle and other dairy products helps to widen their range considerably.

Types of products

Fruit and berry fillings

Fruit and berry fillings (either with pieces of fruits and berries or homogenized) for use in dairy and confectionery industries for the production of yogurts, kefirs, creams, desserts, puddings, soufflé and other dairy products. Also may be used in the production of creams for the decoration of cakes, biscuits, rolls and other confectionery products. The filling spreads on cream easily, making it taste like fruits or berries.


It is recommended for use: in ready-made confectionery products: as layers in cakes, rolls, biscuits, etc.; as a filling in milk products; as a topping for glazed curds.

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