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For bakery products and confectionery

For bakery and confectionery industriesIndustrial Association "Gummy" offers a wide range of products for bakery and confectionery industries. A wide variety of products helps to expend your range of products considerably and to realize all your tasty ideas.

Types of products

Thermostable CreamMix

"CreamMix" amd "CreamMix Milk" are ready-to-use thermostable fillings to stuff the products before baking them or to use as layers in bakery, confectionery and other products.

Milk-based topping which are recommended for industrial usage in the production of confectionery products (rolls, gingerbread, biscuits, croissants), curd cheese. Thick homogeneous mass without any inclusions. It keeps its shape well after jigging. It is brown with glossy sheen.

Fruit and berry fillings

Fruit and berry fillings (either with pieces of fruits and berries or homogenized) for use in dairy and confectionery industries for the production of yogurts, kefirs, creams, desserts, puddings, soufflé and other dairy products. Also may be used in the production of creams for the decoration of cakes, biscuits, rolls and other confectionery products. The filling spreads on cream easily, making it taste like fruits or berries.

It is recommended for industrial usage in the production of confectionery products (rolls, gingerbread, biscuits, croissants, etc.), ice-cream and curd cheese.
Homogeneous mass which does not spread or spreads slowly on horizontal surface. Ita colour is brown with glossy sheen. No crystallization of lactose after storage.
Thermostable Confitures

Thermostable confitures are recommended for use as a topping in bakery and confectionery products and may either be baked with or used as a topping for ready-made products.


Milk-based toppings are recommended for industrial usage in the confectionery products undergoing thermal treatment (in the toppings of rolls, biscuits, croissants, muffins, donuts, etc.) and to fill different products before baking them.

It is recommended for use: in ready-made confectionery products: as layers in cakes, rolls, biscuits, etc.; as a filling in milk products; as a topping for glazed curds.

Soft Caramel

Soft caramel is milk-based filling with typical creamy caramel taste and smell. We recommend to use it as rots, layers or surface decoration. There are three types of soft caramel, different in its ingredients: Soft Caramel “M”, Soft Caramel “K”, Soft caramel “Shokoladnaya”.

Creams - milk-based filligs

Creams are recommended for industrial usage in bakery and confectionery products, whish have undergone thermal treatment: as a filling for rolls, biscuits, croissants, donuts and muffins; as a layer or rots for ice cream, milk desserts. There are following types of creams: “Creams without index”, “Creams with index K”, “Crem brulee”.

Decour Gels

Gels may be used o decorate the surface of confectionery products such as: cakes, biscuits, rolls, muffins, desserts, sweets, ice-cream, etc.

Half-prepared marmelade

Half-prepared marmalade is recommended for using in the production of tin and layer marmalade. The final product complies with GOST (state statement) 6442 (marmalade).

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