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Thermostable CreamMix

Thermostable CreamMix

«CreamMix»; «CreamMix»«MILK» are ready-to-use thermostable toppings recommended for stuffing products before baking, using as layers or decoration of bakery, confectionary and other products.

All types of creams are resistant to freezing-defrosting without changing their organoleptic, physical and chemical qualities.



«CreamMix» «Milk»

Product qualities

- Functional fillings, they don’t melt while heat treated, don’t start boiling, don’t leak away, don’t get dry kepping original shape, their volume, colour, flavor, glazing surface under high baking temperatures.

- Freezing / defrosting does not change their qualties.

­- Easily molded both automatically and manually.

The sphere of usage

- Creams are recommended for using on bakery and confectionery enterprises before or after baking.

- All types of bakery (butter and puff bakery, frozen cook-chill food, croissants, pies, muffins, rich dough and rolled-in dough, etc.),

- Confectionery products (cake and roll layers). 

Appearance and consistence

Soft, homogenized mass.

Soft, homogenized mass of thick consistence.



Has colour, taste and smell according to the product name. 


Chocolate; chocolate-nuts; vanilla; vanilla-cream; cream flavor; honey flavor; caramel; coconut flavor; nut; cappuccino; peach flavor; strawberry flavor; strawberry and cream; cream-orange taste; pineapple flavor; citron; curd topping; poppy topping

vanilla «milk»; vanilla-cream «milk»; cream «milk»; chocolate «milk»; curd «milk»; yogurt «milk»; cheese «milk»

Dry solid weight ratio

Nit less than 64%

Not less than 66%


Not less than 5%

Not less than 8,5%


Not less than 27%

Not less than 30%


Airproof polymer packing (NET weight – 13kg; 5kg)

Recommendations on storage

6 months at temperature from -40оС to +20оС

Complies with TRTS 021/2011 Requirements

CreamMix "Condensed Milk М"

Milk-based topping with taste, colour and flavor, typical of classical boiled condensed milk.

Thick homogenized mass without any inclusions. Homogeneous brown with glossy sheen.

Recommended for using as layers and solid stocks, for surface application of ice-cream, cakes and rolls made of ice-cream.

Complies with Federal Law № 90-ФЗ (came to effect 24.06.2008)

Moisture: not more than 26,5%

Fats: not les than 5%

Sugar: not less than 22,0%

Recommendations on storage: 6 months at temperature from -40°С to +20°С.

Package: airproof polyethylene packing (bucket) (NET weight – 12,5 kg.)


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