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"Gummy" introduces a new product for your confectionery enterprise: CreamMix Poppy Filling!

The topping is recommended for industrial use on confectionery and bakery enterprises. Poppy topping is fully ready-to-use, may be used both before and after baking, mainly for stuffing into products (pastry, puffs, cakes, rolls, muffins, pancakes, gingerbread, etc.).


Ready-to-use cream-like topping is made on the basis of blue poppy. Appearance and consistence: fine mass without any inclusions, not spreading or slowly spreading on horizontal surface, soft, flexible. Easily smeared and batched. The product is thermostable, fine for baking or freezing.

Taste - clear, sweet, typical poppy.

Colour – from dark-red to black.

Moisture – not more than 36 %

Fats – not les than 5 %

Sugar – not les than 37 %


Polymer buckets with polymer liner. NET weight: 13 kg., 3,5 kg.

Recommendations on storage:

6 months at temperature from -40 to +20°С

“Gummy” wishes you a lot of new tasty solutions!


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