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«Gummy»’s teas can be treated as biocorretors and regulators, has tonic and preventive treatment effect. Eastern traditions, Russian herbal teas traditions and modern tendencies are reflected in our tae collection. «Gummy»’s teas will help you not only to quench thirst and to get all the necessary vitamins and microelements, but also to calm down, to stay energetic and active, stabilize immune system.

The main advantages of our products are:
  • patented cryogenic technology;
  • natural ingredients;
  • highly concentrated product;
  • no dyes, preservatives and sugar;
  • stimulation of physiological functioning of the body and bioregulation;
  • original tea blends and unique taste.






Apples, green tea, melissa, lemon, ginger

Karlovy Vary

Green tea, gooseberry, lemon, dog rose, mint, star anise

Wild Berry

Black rowan, dog rose, prunes, red currant, клюквы, black currant, beet, blueberry, aroma «wild berry»

Viennese Waltz

Apple, cherry, black currant, beet

French Kiss


Black tea, cranberry, grapes, strawberry, aroma «strawberry»

Moulen Rouge

Black rowan, grapes, black tea, black currant, aroma «chocolate»


Green tea, hawthorn, apricot, cherry, cherry aroma


Apple, black tea, kardamom, cinnamon

Fruit Mix

Black currant, cherry, dog rose, apple, cranberry

Tea Rose

Cranberry, dog rose, beet, black currant

Pink Flamingo

beet, cranberry, mint

Flame dance

Green tea, apple, black rowan, thyme, calendula

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