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Range: dried beet, dried carrot, dried pumpkin, dried squash, dried Jerusalem artichoke, dried white cabbage, dried onion, dried chicory, dried potatoes, dried kelp, dried tomato, tomato powder, dried dill, dried parsley, dried celery etc...

Types of dried products:
  • Dried product: cloves, slices, chips
  • Crushed product: 0,5-2mm, 1-3mm., 3-5 mm. etc.
  • Powder: up to 100 mcm, up to 400 mcm, up to 800 mcm etc.
Main spheres of usage:
  • Instant food production
  • Souses, ketchups production
  • The production of vegetable, fish, meat conservation
  • Supplements, sanitary and functional food production
  • Snack, chips, cracker production
  • Taste and aroma mixes production
  • Food for children, pre-school and pupils
  • Meat and fish semi-finished goods production
  • Bakery production

Dried product: polypropylene bags, craft-bags with an inner layer of cellophane or without it.

Crushed product or powder: corrugated box with an inner layer of cellophane.



Dried product: not more than 12 months

Crushed product and powder: not more than 18 months since production.

Types of products

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