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Dried products

Food Ingredients Plant (FIP) CJSC PA «Gummy» now is the largest producer of dried ingredients (made of berries, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, etc.) for the enterprises of food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

All the products are produced on the modern plant of closed production circle with the help of new technologies in the sphere of fresh raw material processing. The quality of FIP products is confirmed by the declarations and certificates of conformity.


Technologies we use:
  • Low-temperature vacuum drying – helps to preserve all the useful vitamins and elements that can be found in the raw material before processing, organoleptic qualities are also preserved.
  • Cryogenic shredding – helps to destroy intermolecular bonds in the raw material and to increase the digestibility of the useful elements.
Spheres of usage:
  • Diabetic and functional food;
  • Food for children;
  • Pasta production;
  • Sanitary products and supplements;
  • Confectionery industry;
  • Bakery industry;
  • Fat and butter industry;
  • Spices and instant food production.

All the dried products are released as monoproducts or various mixes.

Types of products

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