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"Food Ingredients Plant" CJSC PA "Gummy" produces supercritical СО2-extracts (SC-СО2-extracts) made of vegetable raw material for perfume and cosmetic industries.

Why should we use СК-СО2-extracts in skin care poducts?
  • Our skin has a protective layer of fat. SC-СО2-extracts are composed of fat-soluble substances,  and all the active ingredients quickly penetrate the skin directly to the blood capillars and are carried by the blood throughout the body.
  • SC-СО2-extracts are concentrates of biologically active substances (BAS) (essential oils, vitamins and provitamins, hormons, volatile, lipids, free fatty acids etc.). The main advantage of SC-СО2-extracts is not only in the high concentration and the wide range of BAS, but in their natural balance.
  • SC-СО2-extracts contain a lot of natural antioxidants and preservatives. The usage of CO2 extracts in cosmetics allows saying no to chemicals that can cause serious health problems such as cancer and genetic anomalies.
  • SC-СО2-extracts have antibacterial properties against fungi and yeasts, gram-positive and gram-negative microflora. It is often enough to induce 0,1 % of CO2 extract by mass into cream not to require the addition of chemical preservatives. There are cases, when the shelf life of creams is extended by adding CO2-extracts, without any quality changes.
  • To increase the efficiency of the technology it is possible to prepare blends of 5-10 plants and more. The human body will choose he necessary elements on its own an unnecessary will ba simply withdrawn from the body. It is one of the advantages of natural extracts, because their chemical analogues are accumulated in the body.
  • SC-СО2-extracts do not contain extractant. This technology extractant is carbon dioxide in the supercritical state. Under normal circumstances it is volatile.
  • Unlike essential oils, do not harm the skin, because of the natural balance of the components.
  • Unlike butylene glycol extracts and water-soluble extracts are easily absorbed into the skin. 
So, SC-СО2-extracts help to:
  • Increase the regenerative properties of the cream,
  • create nourishing creams, protective, moisturizing, eliminate vitamin deficiencies, 

The usage of SC-СО2-extracts in the production of cosmetic goods increases their efficiency.

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