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Basic information

We have 15 thousand hectares of agricultural land, cattle farms and complexes located in Lyskovo and Vorotinsk areas in Nizhny Novgorod region. Agricultural production is provided with all the necessary equipment, machine-tractor fleet is annually improved, the system of production of agricultural products is organized according to all rules of energy efficiency and minimal impact on the environment, high economic efficiency is achieved.

"Gummy" has its own staff of highly qualified specialists in the field of production, reprocessing and storage of agricultural products. The company develops all basic agricultural activities in order to get a closed production cycle. On the basis of "Gummy" we organized a biotechnological laboratory micropropagation of plants, which provides the enterprise with quality planting material which is adapted to different climatic conditions.

Agricultural activities include:


Our agricultural production is in full demand on the market of Nizhniy Novgorod region and  Volga Federal District. It also forms the basis of the raw material base for our company. Planting material of "Plodopitomnik" enjoys well-deserved reputation among gardeners in Nizhny Novgorod and the surrounding areas.

Milk comes in budgetary institutions in Liskovskiy and Kstovskiy areas, as well as to "Borskiy Dairy Plant", where it is used to produce yogurts and milk-based fillings.

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