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Bor dairy plant


Логотип Завода БОРСКИЙ1History

Bor dairy plant was founded on July 25, 1942. After the plant was commissioned it was engaged in milk reprocessing, butter and ice cream production. In the late 80s the reconstruction of the plant took place, 2 shops were added to the main building, a bottling line for milk and dairy products was acquired.
The turning point for the plant came with its association with "Gummy". In 1994, "Gummy" rented some shops for the production of mayonnaise. After the modernization of the equipment in June 1994 the first batch of mayonnaise has gone on sale. Production Association "Gummy" followed the innovative course of development of the enterprise. This is reflected not only in the vital functions of the plant, but also in the direction of its production. In 1997 it began the production of yogurt, in 2002 started the production of condensed milk, and in 2003 started the production of caramel.



Today Bor dairy plant is one of the leading Russian producers of dairy fillings for confectionery and bakery industry. The company was one of the first in Russia to master the technology of milk recombination in mass production. Currently, the plant produces more than 30 kinds of condensed milk, creams, vegetable-oil "CreamMix", soft caramel, natural yoghurts.
The quality service daily checks raw materials and products for compliance with regulatory requirements, monitors the implementation of production technologies.
Our supply service chooses only the best ingredients for production. JSC "Plodopitomnik" (included in Industrial Group "Gummy") provides us with some of them. This guarantees the highest quality of the initial product and its conformity with high requirements of plant.
Production of JSC "Bor Dairy Plant" is delivered to more than 70 regions of Russia as well as to foreign countries.


In September 2011 production line of yogurts was commissioned. Yogurt "Smak" and "Skazka" are now available in a new consumer packaging - 125 g. In May of the same year our company established special storage facilities for liquid fat. In 2012, there was a launch of a new plant for the production of CreamMix. Increased production capacity enabled the plant to expand the range of products.


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