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Gummi POClosed Joint Stock Company "Production Association "Gummy" was founded in 1993. It is a vertically integrated company with complete production cycle from the cultivation and harvesting of raw materials to production and sales of high quality products for many sectors of food industry.
Now "Gummy" owns several large enterprises in Nizhny Novgorod region - they are "Borskiy Dairy Plant", JSC "Lyskovsky Cannery", Food Ingredients Plant and diversified agricultural enterprise JSC "Plodopitomnik" which serves as our basic raw material base . Together with its subsidiaries, "Gammy" has an extensive sales network, transport service, supply system, high scientific and technological potential and works with industry-leading institutes in Russia and many foreign companies specializing in food technologies.
The number of employees is more than 1,000 people.
"Gummy" is a constant diplomant of international, national, regional exhibitions and trade fairs, such as the International Exhibition "Food Ingredients, Additives and Spices", International Specialized Exhibition "World of Ice Cream and Cold"; Diploma Program "100 best goods of Russia".

Main business lines

The main business areas of the company are:
• Fruit and dairy toppings, fillings;
• Food natural herbal ingredients;
• Agricultural production.

Production Association "Gammy": corporate history                                       

1993 - the foundation of the company
1994 - the production of mayonnaise was organized
1996 - the production of ketchup was organized
1997 - the production of yogurt was organized
1998 - the production of fruit fillings was organized
1999 - the company started to produce jams
2001 - Lyskovsky Plodopitomnik was acquired
2002 - the production of condensed milk was organized
2004 - the company mastered the sphere of ornamental plant growing in Liskovskiy Plodopitomnik
2008 - an apple orchard was founded
2009 - Breeding Farm given its status
2009 - Food ingredients plant was commissioned
2010 - the company started to produce thermostable creams (CremMix)
2012 - A new plant for the production of CremMix was commissioned

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