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Production Association "Gummy"

Russian company, specializing in the production of the ingredients for dairy, confectionery and bakery industry, founded in 1993. Our basic principles: the study of demand, quickresponse to customers' needs, individual approach to each client, the usage of the best world technologies, strict control over production quality.

Bor dairy plant

The leader of Russian boiled condensed milk production market. The wide assortment of production includes different types of condensed milk, thermostable herbal creams, gels, etc.

Lyskovsky cannery

The main producer fruit-berry ingredients for dairy, confectionery and bakery industry. Produces more than 200 product names, different in organoleptic and physico-chemical properties: fruit stuffing, thermostable jellies, fruit-berry fillings, etc.

Plant food ingredients

Modern manufacturing, includes all circle of reprocessing from fresh vegetable raw material to the final dry product. The production us based on unique patented technology, which makes it possible to safe the nutritional properties and bioactive substances of the source material.

Lyskovsky Plodopitomnik

The basis of diversified agricultural complex "Gummy". Main activities:

Gardening - the growing and realization of apples and berries;

Nursery - the growing and realization of planting material;

Cattle Breeding - the growing and realization of the pedigree herd of cattle;

Plant Growing - the growing and realization of cereals and vegetables.

Plant breeding

The agricultural enterprise has the status of breeding farm. The total number of cattle is more than 100 heads of brown Swiss breed, which is peculiar because of its high performance of milk and beef productivity.

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Production Association "Gummy"

– russian company specializing in the production of ingredients for dairy, confectionery and baking industries. The company was founded in 1993. Basic principles of the company are the following: the study of demand, quick response to customers' needs and individual approach to each client, using the world's best technologies, strict quality control. The company achieves annual sales growth by increasing the range of products and developing new markets.

Our competitive advantages are explicable. We are a dynamic company with strong corporate culture, open for dialogue with our partners. Extensive dealer network covering the whole territory of Russia, allows us to be always close to the customer. Innovation policy of the company quarantees the implementation of a number of measures to constatantly monitor, assess the implementation of new technologies and other innovations in the food industry and in other areas within the sphere of the company's interests.

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